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I feel honored by the wonderful things collectors have to say about my bears !

Good news : Violet has arrived safe and sound today !! It only took her 10 days to get here. I didn’t have any hassles with the customs department .....so it all went splendidly smooth. I knew from the comments on your website that you also took a lot of trouble to make a nice parcel, but I hadn’t counted on this lavish presentation : absolutely brilliant. ... Violet certainly wasn’t a disappointment; on the contrary: she is so adorable and sweet and cuddly, every time I see her I just can’t resist picking her up and giving her a big –well not so big- cuddle. She is absolutely wonderful and I’m very proud to have her in my hug.

P.M., Belgium


Cooper arrived safe and sound. He is even sweeter than his picture. Opening his box was just like Christmas morning all over again. My husband kept saying are you sure there is a bear in there. The heart towel and paper and the Hershey's HUGS built the suspense until Cooper's little face appeared. He is a TREASURE.

A.T. , Ontario


McIntosh arrived this afternoon. Pretty quick .Love him ! Really appreciate your attention in packing him. You are one thoughtful artist that carry things through from creation of the bear right down to small details acompanying the bear.

E.K., Singapore


Little Niko has arrived and he is just incredible! I couldn't even wait to get home to open the box. I was sitting in my car cutting the tape with my car keys. LoL. I am soooo very thrilled with him. So much detail in such a little fellow. He was beautifully packaged and all of the extra's were just an amazing added touch. He's already fitting in with the rest of my ever-growing hug of bears. I Can't Thank You Enough

J.N. , Ontario


Most people had a summer day today, but I had Christmas!!! :o) Deborah arrived and was so well packed in a lovely box with lots of extra surprises. So when I started opening the box I made it very slowly little by little enjoying every little piece. And then - sweet, lovely Deborah came in my arms! Immediately I started talking to her, told her I am your mom you have been waiting to meet, etc. I hugged her and gave her some Finnish honey. Fortunately there was nobody watching us, they would not understand.... Well, the adoption is now completed and everything went smoothly and fast. I am happy and I believe Deborah will also be happy.

H.K. , Finland


I LOVE HIM!! Your presentation was fabulous and I will definitely get another bear from you in the future. Your work is awesome and I loved everything that came with him. I didn't realize you put some much time, effort, and love in your bears. You are just so talented, you have the best bears in North America, I'm sure. Thanks again for Stanley.

L.D., Alberta , Canada


I picked it ( the package) up on Friday and couldn�t get home fast enough to open it. Gosh! It was wrapped with such care. Everything was perfect. Beijing is such a cute little bear. I am so tickled with him and smile every time I look at him. I look forward to your future bears.

L.G., Colorado, USA-


Flake arrived safely .... Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful and artistic job packing him, as usual. Tammy, once again, you have created more than an incredible work of art! I am just amazed by the facial expression, emotion and I swear, real character which you incorporate into each of your bears ... and your dogs ... The photography on your website and eBay is always amazing but I must admit that the pictures pale in comparison with seeing the "real thing" ... and it is strictly because of your inspiration and talent!

J.T. ,Massachusetts,USA


Just wanted to let you know that Grady arrived safe and sound today and I must say that you have created another beauty! The packaging was beautiful, as usual. I had thought that I would only collect panda bears, but with you having created such an adorable polar and brown bear, I couldn't resist expanding my collection. Thank you for another wonderful creation!

L.B. , Manitoba,Canada


( Re: Misty& Elsie) .......a wonderful package arrived here. Three of us here standing around the kitchen island to see what was in the box .... I kept on opening each little package and what a wonderful sweet pair...Just love them to bits and you have done such a great job. The whole presentation is well done with all the little detail. Thank You sooooooooooooo much for letting me adopt this sweet pair. They will be loved sooooooo much! It just brighten my whole day!

L.H. , Nova Scotia, Canada


Hi Tammy!! Just a note to let you know "Buddy" made his journey with flying colors. Wow, am I ever impressed. Your listing was excellent and I fell in love with him then, but he is even more adorable in person. How do you do it?? Such talent.I am proud and pleased to own one of your creations. Will be look for more for sure.Your care and love to create and even the wrapping was fun to open. I was so very careful. It was like Christmas, so excited. Love his birth certificate and photo and all the great special touches you added.
B.M. , Michigan, USA


Austin is the most adorable fella I have ever seen and I have totaly fallen in love with him. I can't stop touching,hugging and looking at him. Infact he is here with me as I write to you. He is my favorite artist bear and I can tell you I have a fair few. Your workmanship is amazing and I am so greatful that I finally have one of your bears, Hopefully Austin will be my first of many more to come ...Thankyou Thankyou so much.
V.B., United Kingdom


Skye has arrived and he's FANTASTIC! He is SO HANDSOME! I LOVE HIM ALREADY!!!! You are such a talented bear artist and you have great artistic vision. He is INCREDIBLE. His face just "melts" me. Tammy....the packaging is UNBELIEVABLE! You are TOO MUCH!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I didn't want to open it!!!! Beautiful papers/fabrics/notes/cards......you are something else!!! Thanks so much for making me feel "extra special". You should be "very" proud of him and all your work - you do incredible creations! Thank you for sharing your special creation with me! He will be spoiled, well taken care of, and have "LOTS" of friends! I will treasure him, Tammy!
B.M, Alabama


Noah is absolutely wonderful! In person he is more cuter! My husband loves him. :) And so nice packed! You are excellent artist, Tammy!
A.K- Russia


I have to tell you, I loved Eli just from the pictures of him, they were excellent. However seeing him in person, he is just unbelievable. You did an excellent job on him, I totally love him and he quickly has become one of my favorites. The workmanship is some of the best I have ever seen. Eli is such an adorable cuddly little bear, and his face just makes me smile. He is a truly wonderful bear and I am hoping you do another or many more similar to him so he can have a sibling. Thank you so very much for creating him, pat yourself on the back because you deserve it, Eli is a treasure.

B.C. -Illinois


(ALEX) HE'S HERE!!! HE'S BEAUTIFUL. I'm sitting here with his wrapping and everything in my lap!!!! .... I have to tell you I am simply stunned with how beautiful Alex is! Every part of him is perfect! I feel like an eight year old kid afraid to close my eyes....what if it's not real and he's gone when I wake up!!

(SPENCER) We just opened Spencer's box....she is stunning in real life!!! Her face is beautiful. She and Alex are chatting on the sofa. They are a gorgeous couple! I'm so glad we got her.

J.B.- North Carolina- June 06


Hi Tammy, Ying has just arrived and he is one of the most gorgeous little bears I have in my bear artists collection. You have a very special bear artistry talent. My heart just melted when I saw him and your packaging is just beautiful. I watch your bears always and I am sure I will purchase again if I have the opportunity. Thank you again so much for making Ying, he is very special.

J.R. -Australia, May/06


''Tammy, Tian is helping me write this. She is absolutely wonderful! Tian is even better than I expected she would be. You are a fantastic artist. Not only that, all of the care you put into the details of planning her design, creating her, creating all of her paper work, packing her beautifully, being so nice and helpful, etc. shows in every way. I could go on and on. You are incredible. Thank you~thank you~thank you! She has already worked her way into my heart and as soon as I can stand to put her down I'll let her meet the other bears in my house ~ they will be sweet to her but I think they will be jealous. I create Creative Memory albums and she will have a number of pages devoted to her. Thank you so much ~ you are incredibly talented and creative. I'm looking forward to seeing~and hopefully adding~more of your wonderful creations. Thanks again''

D.K. -Wisconsin -May 2006


''Tammy, I just wanted to let you know that Blossom arrived today.
I felt like a child opening up the biggest gift under the Christmas tree. She was wrapped so beautiful I did not want to ruin it. When I finally got her opened words cannot decribe how beautiful she is. I don't know how you created such a lovely little bunny, your talent surpasses any I've ever seen. Thank you so much. I will treasure her always. I will be keeping my eyes open for more of your work. Thanks again,''

Pennsylvania- March 2006

''I didn't have a chance to email you personally about how very pleased I was with Maisy and just to let you know she arrived safe and sound. I was extremely impressed by her quality as well as the presentation and how professional all of her ''accessories'' were. All her tags, her birth certificate, etc. were so well done. And the price for such professionalism was so very reasonable. You are a very fine artist and should be commended for such quality craftsmanship. Please keep up the fine work. Again, I was extremely impressed and very happy with my adoption!''

Pennsylvania- 2005


''I am the lucky person who adopted Nanuk'. She is such a precious addition to our home. I admire your talent. You are truly a bear ''artist''. I saw some of the other bears you have for adoption and I want all of them. But Nan' will have to fill my needs at the moment. I think the birth certificate is a great idea.''

C.E.-New Hampshire- 2005
I love him ( Buster). He is beautiful, and I loved the way you carefully packaged him. If you have other work in recycled fur (not mohair), keep me in mind!

D.P. -Massachusetts -2005
Oh Tammy! Sue Mei arrived today and is just gorgeous; she's all settled in the den with her brothers and sisters. I made all the introductions then held her for a bit and rubbed her head until she joined the others. She is very happy so I wanted you to know that. Thanks again. I'll be on the lookout for more of your bears.


Now Daniel is in his new home. I was like a little child on Christmas Eve when I was opening the package. He is so cute. I`ll take very good care of him.

Denmark - 2005
Charlie arrived safe and sound this morning. He is ABSOLUTELY THE CUTEST BEAR!!! And you wrapped him so beautifully, even down to the little bears in the adoption envelope. Tammy, you must be commended on your bear making skills � he is wonderful! I hope I will be lucky enough to adopt a few more of your bears in the future.

PJ ...� only took 1 week from Canada to here.Tammy, he is absolutely gorgeous .... Once again, a beautiful bear !!!!!

Australia- 2005 /2006

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